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Practice Areas




  Business Law   Family Law  
  Business Formation - LLC, Corporation, Non-Profit,   Pre-Nuptial & Post-Nuptial Agreements  
  - Offshore Investing & Business Formation   Divorce & Separation - Contested & Uncontested  
 - Choice of Business Entity Property Settlements
  Business Licenses - Including Alcohol Licenses   Spousal/Child Support  
  Franchise Law - Franchise Agreements & Disputes   Child Custody - Contested & Uncontested  
  Business Disputes   - Parenting Plans, Visitation Agreements  
  Judment Enforcements   - Modifications of Custody & Support Plans/Agreements  
  Cease & Desist   Adoptions - Including for Singles & Same Sex Coi  
  Federal State & Local Tax Issues   TRO's - Temporary Restraining Orders (& Permanent)  
  Intellectual Property - Trademarks, Copyrights etc.   - Domestic Violence, Harassment etc.  
  Buy-Sell Agreements   QDRO's - Qualified Domestic Relations Orders  
  Non-Compete Agreements   - Pension & Retirement Plan Divisions  
      Expert Witness  

  Estate Planning   Mediation & Arbitration  
  Wills - For Single, Married, With or Without Children   Alternative Dispute Resolution  
  Trusts - Many Types of Trusts Depending on Your needs   Dispute Resolution for All Types of Disputes  
  Living Will - Healthcare Directives (Power of Attorney)   - Business & Contractual Disputes  
  Business Affairs Power of Attorney   - Family Law (Divorce, Child Custody, etc.)  
  Tax Planning - Estate & Gift Tax etc.    - Neighbor Disputes, etc.  
  Nuptial Agreements      

  Rel Estate Law   Tax Law  
  Construction Disputes - With Contractors   Tax Controversy - IRS  
  Construction Defects   - State Taxing Authority (WA Dept. of Revenue)  
  Homeowner Association Disputes   Audits, Tax Collection & Tax Liens  
  Purchase & Sale Agreements   Federal, State & Local Taxes  
  - Including For Sale By Owner Purchases & Sales   Appeals  
  Leasing   Expert Witness  
  Neighbor Disputes      
  Investor Issues - Including Unlawful Detatiner/Evictions      
  Tax Planning      
  Real Estate Financing      
  Quit Claim Deeds & Other Deeds      

Traffic Law   Sports Law
Traffic Tickets - Speeding   Athlete Representation 
- Red Light Violations, etc.   Coach Representation 
 DUI's   Sports Organization Representation 
    Expert Witness - Many Areas of Sports
    Contract Negotiation & Enforcement
    Sponsorships & Endorsements
    Media & Enteratinment Opportunities

Immigration Law  
Personal Immigration Needs  
Family Immigration Needs  
 Business Immigration Needs
Visas, Citizenship etc.




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